Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The organic extra virgin olive oil is produced from the “Koroneiki” variety.

The fruit of organic olive oil comes from olive trees in which no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or toxic pesticides have been used.

The acidity of extra virgin olive oil does not exceed 0.80. It has a strong fruity taste and aroma of freshly cut olive fruit. Its unique flavor best illustrates freshness in salads while difficult tastes that require special mastery and treatment like hunting, roasts and vegetables find their ultimate match.

The olive fruit is collected from olive trees located in the wider area of southern Rethymno. Our organic olive oil is ISO certified by the Food Safety Management Organization (DIO).

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Certificate DIO ISO 22000:2005


Our company has received the certificate from the Organization for Safe Treatment of Food and complies with the regulations for bottling, standardization, storage and trade of olive oil.